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Changing Your Contacts Regularly Helps Prevent Eye Damage


wornoutshoes134If you wear contact lensesone of the questions you may hear from us each time we visit is,  “How often are you changing your contacts?” No, we don’t say it to make you feel guilty! But we DO want to remind you how important it is.

“Why Do I Need To Change My Contacts Regularly?”

It may be tempting sometimes to wear your contacts longer than you are supposed to. Perhaps you just get really busy and forget. Or maybe you feel like it will save you a little money. We understand. But the negative consequences of doing so can far outweigh any perceived benefits. Wearing contacts longer than recommended is bad for your eyes. Here’s a short video that helps explain why:

Prevent Eye Damage, And See Your Best

There are many things that can build up on your contacts including protein, dust, pollen, etc. These things cloud the lens and can make it feel “scratchy” on your eyes. This scratchy feeling is telling you something! It can be a sign that there are small tears or scratches taking place on the surface of your eyes!

The best way to prevent damage and see your best is to change your lenses per our recommendations. Need help remembering when it’s time to change lenses? Try these suggestions:

  • Mark it on your calendar
  • Set a reminder alert on your smartphone
  • Mark the “change” date with a Sharpie on your contact lens case
  • Ask your mom to remember, then give you a call! Hey… It worked when you were a kid, right?

As Always, Let Us Know If You Have Questions

If you have any questions about your contact lenses, please let us know! We’re dedicated to helping you see your best, and assisting you with your contact lenses is a big part of that.

Thanks for your trust in our practice. We appreciate having you as our valued patient!